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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: When is monsoon season? Some travel guides give contradicting information.

    A: In some older guides they differentiate only between north and south Thailand, but it also makes a difference if you are on the west or east coast. Phuket, Krabi and the Similans in the west have their rainy season from April to October, while on the east coast - Samui, Phanghan and Ko Tao, there is monsoon only in November. ..

  • Q: What is the fastest way from Bangkok to Ko Tao?

    A: A domestic flight to Koh Samui, Chumphon, Suratthani and the speed boat or Catamaran from there. Less comfortable and slower, but cheaper, is the bus from bangkok or train to Chumphon or Suratthani, where you can take the night or express ferry. .  MORE INFO ABOUT NIGHT BOAT  TO KO TAO.  https://kojaroencarferry.business.site/ ..

  • Q: Do I need malaria prophylaxis?

    A: The risk of malaria on the Islands in south Thailand is minimal. Unless you plan to travel up north, the severe side effects of most anti-malarial medicine, especially in combination with diving, outweigh the potential benefit. ..

  • Q: Are credit cards accepted on Ko Tao?

    A: Most of the bigger resorts will accept VISA/ MC, but might apply a 3% service charge. There is also a bank and 2 ATM machines in town ("Mae Haad") ..

  • Q: Do I need medical clearance for diving?

    A: A medical is not required for certified divers in Thailand, only for participating in courses. However, a regular check up is highly recommended. ..

  • Q: I am an Instructor, can I teach my friends/ relatives through your facility?

    A: Yes, but (unless you hold a Thai work permit) we have to send a Dive master/ Instructor along, as TAT regulations state clearly, that any diving activity has to be controlled/ supervised by our staff, otherwise (in the unlikely event of an incident) any insurance cover is invalid. ..

  • Q: Where is the nearest recompression chamber?

    A: There is a Koh Tao Hospital and mono chamber on Ko Tao for first aid treatment and an SSS Recompression Chamber Network facility on Koh Samui. Check that your dive shop is a member/ affiliate, to guarantee unrestricted access if needed. ..